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Platform for creating Dapps and smart contract in blockchain.

Decentralized Exchanger.

Build Unstoppable Applications.

Smart Contract & Token.

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Bither is an infrastructural protocol that you can produce and run your required applications and smart contracts in decentralized way on a safe base called blockchain with most of the programming languages and even with no programming knowledge or skill. Bither is trying to provide a more reliable and safer world using blockchain technology. Fast, safe and reliable; are just some parts of uncountable facilities the platform enables programmers to use them. They can produce codes for security of programs and smart contracts with no need to consider any programming complexity, and to implement products at the shortest time possible.

In addition, this platform can be used for safe money transfer with the lowest fee, at the shortest time and no restriction for money.

Therefore, you can pay the bills of websites and shops online, peer to peer and machine payments by bither. To achieve this performance, some wonderful actions are being done.

Smart contract

Smart contracts in bither system are known as decentralized applications (dapps) can be used to run a new generation of contacts based on trust. Fast design, certification and running the codes using the miners are the critical features for these contracts.

Smart contacts are the computer codes perform a part of traditional contract in blockchain section. Everyone can investigate these codes and use the contract if agrees. This such a clarification causes all the users feel comfortable about completely implementing the contract with no changes in the terms.


Tokens Play the role of stock in bither. They can be distributed among the Proctors of smart contracts or decentralized applications on bither base. Or given to the public as ico to attract investment. So all stockholders completely control their tokens and can save their tokens on the standard bither wallet or transfer to another wallet.

Utilizing ico with bither tokens can be a useful help for startups


Using the bither platform, you can create and execute decentralized applications and smart contracts at the shortest time with less difficulty and feel comfort about the safety and speed.

Strong compilers for several programming languages

Open-source , Stable & Secure Service

Easy App Development

Unchangeable and unstoppable

Staying safe from ddos attacks

Installation guide Testnet guide